Dice Roller


Version: 1.0
Platform: Windows (C#: .NET Framework 3.5)
Date: 3/Nov/2008

Dice Roller simulates rolling various types of dice. It is pre-set for the following numbers of sides: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, and 100. It also will allow you to roll a die with a variable number of sides-- just enter the number of sides you want next to the "d" on the last area and click the "Roll" button across from it.

The program can roll either single types of dice or multiple. If you enter a quantity next to a type of die then click the "Roll" button across from it, that number of dice of the chosen type will show up with their results in the "Multiple Roll Results" window. The result column is used for single die rolls only (note that you can leave the Quantity field blank and just click the Roll button and the program will assume you only want to roll one).

If you want to roll multiple types of dice at once, use the "Roll All" button near the bottom of the die types. The results will show up in the Multiple Roll Results window. Note that if you use this button, then the program will only roll dice which have a quantity specified-- ones with blank quantity will be ignored.

You can also total the results of the roll, if you're rolling, say 5D6s and don't want to do it yourself. Just check the "Sum Roll Results" box and click Roll All. The total appears in the result box to the right of the button.