What is Runic Systems?

Runic Systems is a private software development organization which develops tools of various uses. Currently, several tools are being developed for people who play Role Playing Games (RPGs) and are more specifically geared toward players of Rifts, owned by Palladium Books.


On Hold

Things have been on hold here at Runic Systems as I work to finish my Masters thesis. They will pick up again once I have been able to complete it.

Time Calculator 1.0 added

The first public version of the Time Calculator has been added to the website. The program was designed to make arithmetic involving hours and minutes easier. For instance, if you work hourly at home, with a non-standard schedule, this program can help you figure out how many hours you worked by subtracting your start time from your ending time, it can then convert the number of hours to decimal for easy calculations with that number. Go to the programs sections and check it out!

Combat Manager 1.0 added

I've added the first version of my Combat Manager to the site. Next up on the list is a way for any of you users to contact me via the site here.

Dice Roller 1.0 Added

The back end of the site is complete enough now to allow for program downloads. I've added the first version of my Dice Roller to it, which you can find through the Programs link on the left. I'll be adding other programs and tweaking a few things on the site over the next couple of weeks.