Combat Manager


Version: 1.0
Platform: Windows (C#: .NET Framework 3.5)
Date: 7/Nov/2008

The Combat Manager was designed to help GMs manage combat in their games. The GM can enter character names into the program, along with the character's initiative, number of actions, and MDC (a Rifts quantity, whose field can easily be used to represent Hit Points or something similar). Once the character has been entered, the name, number of actions, and initiative show up in the list to the right. The "Reorder by Initiative" button can be used to put the characters in order, with the character whose turn it is on top. Other buttons on the program can then be used to manipulate the list and keep track of the turn order.

"Use Action" will deduct an action from the character selected in the list without moving their position in it. "Cycle List" will move the character on top to the bottom, and move the rest of the list up, while deducting an action from the character that was on top. "Start New Round..." will open a dialog which will allow the GM to enter new initiatives for each of the characters listed.

Values entered into the Damage or Healing boxes will be applied to the MDC of the character selected in the list. Note that a character can't be healed more than their maximum MDC entered at the time the character is put into the list.

Additionally, a character's name can be double-clicked in the list to open up a dialog which allows the character information to be edited.